About PCIM

Who We Are

Fill the earth with a community of people thriving with a mindset of God’s kingdom to make the world a better place to live.

Equip the global community with the culture of God’s Kingdom to influence levels of social structure and turn their focus to the way of righteousness in doing business for the good of humanity and the earth.


We believe in Prosperity for all and uphold the principles of:
1. Trustworthiness to maintain relationships within and outside the Ministry
2. Transparency to promote engagement within and outside the Ministry
3. Service to deliver memorable experiences to all our stakeholders with care
4. Faithfulness in our work processes to deliver expectations with excellence
5. Justice in meeting needs at various levels in our community
6. Equity to treat everyone fairly at all levels within and outside the Ministry
7. Diligence to execute our vision and mission with passion and purpose.

Legal Description;

PCIM is a 508(c)(1)(a) is a religious, non-profit, Faith Based Organization (FBO) tax exempt organization and gives tax deductible receipts for donations. Paradise Church International is a charitable organization. Registration #2002778


By the grace of God, Paradise Church International Ministries is led by our General Overseer, Pastor Esther Sekiziyivu. Furthermore, for the smooth running of the global Ministry and church growth success; administrative responsibilities are managed by six Assistant General Overseers (AGOs): 
1. Pastor Howard Miller (Missions & Evangelism-Global)
2. Pastor Aderemi Bankole (Administration & Finance-Global)
3. Jane Namaganda: Evangelism & Missions Regional Overseer-East Africa
4. Irene Nalwoga: Finance & Administration Regional Overseer-East Africa
5. Priscilla Flynn: Evangelism & Missions Regional Overseer-Europe
6. Conor Flynn: Finance & Administration Regional Overseer-Europe

Our Culture & History

Live out values that promote universal Love for humanity in Righteousness while building people and relationships on the foundation of God’s word.

Brief History & Purpose;
PCIM Came into being in 2012 to nurture the rising of a Righteous Transformational Generation of Leaders focused on effective service and prosperity for all advancing the  kingdom of God on Earth.


Champion the rising of a Righteous Generation of Transformational Leaders focused on effective service and prosperity for all

Champion the rising of a people that advance and expand the  kingdom of God on Earth.

Our Assignment;

Preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Share God’s way of effective living.

Our Call;

Destroy the works of the evil one at multiple levels.

Advance the Kingdom of God with His Power.

Occupy earth until He comes with His Authority.  

⇒ The Redeemed & Glorious Church of Christ with power!

Our Mandate;

Call to repentance, Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils, remove bonds of wickedness, care for the stranger, remove darkness, bring light, stand for Justice, manifest the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and demonstrate the presence of God’s Kingdom in our midst.

Contact Info

PCIM Office,
346 West 400 North # 7,
Provo, Utah, 84601, USA
Tel: +1(801) 420-8442