Not many of us understand Life. Life is not in the abundance of possessions

Jesus spoke these words, lifted up His eyes to heaven, and said: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You, as You have given Him authority over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as You have given Him. John 17:1-2

The durability of a structural building is its foundation. Similarly, stability, peace and tranquility of a person originates from growth in Life. Growing in Life is directly proportional to enjoyment and satisfaction in one’s lifetime.

Not many of us understand Life. Life is not in the abundance of possessions. Life is not in the abundance of knowledge. Life is not imitation and performance, Life is not in career success and neither is Life in the endowment of natural giftings. Life issues from the heart of man.

So, what is Life? Life is The Creator living inside a person. Life is Peace indwelling an individual. Life is the unchanging One living inside changing beings. Jesus Christ is Eternal Life. He is God’s Life. 

To gain Eternal Life is to receive Jesus Christ in you. The measure of God’s Life in man is proportional to the growth of God in a person. A man expressing temper, pride, rage, selfishness, unforgiveness, robbing God’s portion and filled with greed is short of Life. Zacchaeus the tax collector was short in the stature of Christ. That was why he robbed money from people by extortion. 
But when Life entered Zacchaeus’ house, there was a drastic change of heart. Immediately the man repented on his own and restored everything four times of what he had stolen from his people. This was a single case of heart transformation. This is the transformation of the soul by the deliverance power of God! When God enters a man, status changes from being earthly to becoming heavenly. This is the coming of the kingdom of Heaven into an individual. 

The kingdom of God comes progressively and demands the participation of each one of us to conform to the image of the Son of God. On one hand, the Divine life and the Divine nature increases in a person. On the other hand, a person grows in the divine Life and the divine nature. This growth in the Divine Life is a transformation process of inner disposition. 

Patience, endurance and sacrifice are materials for successfully progressing in the disposition transformation program. To enjoy life and see good days is to grow in Divine Life! True Life is Christ Jesus living in you. And through you Christ Jesus overcomes adverse situations around you with dignity.
Are you growing in Eternal Life?

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