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This is World News Headlines live from the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s a glimpse of the reality coming to anyone who has not requested The Lord Jesus of Nazareth to be Savior and Lord. This News broadcast comes by revelation from God Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name.

9 Years of Famine in Uganda
February 15th, 2019 God revealed to me a season of drought and famine that will hit Uganda. This famine & drought coming on Uganda will last nine years! This is how long it will take God Almighty to cleanse the land of Uganda (1 Kings 17). This famine has been sent only to Uganda to last 9 years. I believe idol worship in Uganda has come to its fullness as it was in Israel. The Lord God gave a sign of sugar scarcity as its beginning.

The sign of the dawn of this famine will be the shortage of sugar. Many people will not know this, but God is so merciful that He has revealed to us what is coming and the sign of its beginning.

This vision was repeated twice meaning this is established by God and will shortly come to pass (Genesis 41:1-32). Meanwhile, while still in the vision, I begged God to stay His hand and wait until my family had planted and stored enough food. God did not answer me, but we have moved forward to prepare for what is coming. Anyone with ears let them hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.

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