Heavenly News Post
This is World News Headlines live from the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s a glimpse of the reality coming to anyone who has not requested The Lord Jesus of Nazareth to be Savior and Lord. This News broadcast comes by revelation from God Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name.

On March 25th, 2020 in a dream, a voice (God is a Voice: Deuteronomy 4:12) told me to study (Revelation 22). I faithfully shared the message with some of you. Days of Jesus’ coming are drawing near. According to His promise, King Jesus is coming with His saints to inherit the earth (Mathew 5:35). As heirs to God and co-heirs with Christ, we must be found ready to be transfigured into our glorious bodies and qualify to rule as kings over nations with Christ.

We are in a season of preparation. A preparation to fully inherit God’s kingdom (Mathew 5:3-9) within which is (Holiness); and live it without which is (Righteousness). As we are made ready by God who is a Spirit, we shall not fear the coming of our King. Instead we pray for the King to come quickly and deliver us from this body that is decaying. A decaying of mortality. As we mature in Christ and Christ becomes a man in us, we manifest God’s nature and kingdom. God’s nature in us, is what enables us to enter His Eternal Kingdom (2 Peter 1:11).
Remember, King Jesus is coming and His reward to each of us on planet earth is with Him, to give to each one of us according to what we have done in the body of this flesh. No one will escape The King’s Righteous judgement! Weighing scales are in His hands. Weighing our deeds and thoughts according to what is being recorded by His angels. Each second of time that passes of what you do is recorded in your book (Revelation 20:12).

Anyone with ears let them hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.
Watch! Cultivate all the faith needed to choose life!