Heavenly News Post
This is World News Headlines live from the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s a glimpse of the reality coming to anyone who has not requested The Lord Jesus of Nazareth to be Savior and Lord. This News broadcast comes by revelation from God Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name.

A Time of Distress on Earth
We must remember that God speaks to us in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on us as we slumber on our beds. He speaks in our ears and terrifies us with warnings, to turn us from wrongdoing and keep us from pride,
 to preserve us from the pit, and our lives from perishing by the sword (Job 33:15).Between the months of April through August 2020, I received three similar dreams and below is what I saw:

Dream #1
I saw a figure of a man that presently is a president of a nation on earth (This person’s identity will not be revealed). This man was talking with one of his closest allies in government and said:” I have got the people where I want them to be so, our plans have succeeded” Apparently the plan was to subjugate the people and remove their ability to stand against him. He was moving people into prison houses for purposes of having full control over their lives. His plan was to gain full political control over this nation succeeded (So he thought)
Dream #2
After a few weeks I saw an avalanche of brainwashed soldiers using chemical water flowing at high speed from water hoses pushing people into one direction. This was the direction of a walled prison with massive, wired gates. The water was toxic and enflamed the skin upon contact. So, the people were forcefully moved into these massive prison walls. Soldiers would suddenly invade a street or neighborhood forcing people into prison camps. Confusion loomed in the air as people did not understand what was going on! The rule of the tyrant had been unleashed against this nation (Tyrannical rule had started).
Dream #3
Just recently, this last dream was most scaring and really impacted my spirit. I saw a mountain and people living peacefully on its foot. Unknowingly to the people, this man-a President of this nation as in dream #1, arrived with his wife in the company of armed militia. He ordered for a massive water reservoir to be opened at high speed towards the unsuspecting people. Suddenly water came gashing against the people who run towards a direction that had been predetermined by this evil man. He wanted all the people to be trapped and moved into a concentration camp. Many people died and survivors collected and locked up in these massive prisons. In this dream, my two children were separated from me because of the water.

I remained with my little girl who was on my back and we were running towards a hill. Suddenly my daughter and I were pushed into a car and sat next to the evil man’s wife. This woman is the first lady of a nation. She is pretending to be born again but is a child of the devil. We were driven off and taken to another camp. My litter girl was ripped away from me and kept with other children for indoctrination. When a child entered that camp, that was the end of them. Parents would never again see their children again, forever! 

I attempted to cling of my daughter but was threatened with death. My heart broke in a million pieces; seeing my daughter crying for me and recognizing my helpless situation to save her. Suddenly I knew my only option was to pray for divine intervention. Immediately, I knelt praying in tongues with groaning that I cannot utter! My enemies were amazed because they could not understand what I was saying. In all this time of prayer, God was talking in an audible voice from within me to me. God, The Almighty, was giving me instructions on what to do.

God is warning us of what is coming and pleading with us to pray fervently against evil in the high places (Daniel 2:21) in every country on earth. The Devil is going to use presidents of countries to unleash evil on earth. We must pray in this hour for God to remove evil leaders and replace them with righteous leaders. This work will be done by God who is the exalted Head over All Things (1Chronicles 29). The kingdom of God will come to earth in direct proportion to our prayer. God said he gave earth to the children of men (Psalm 115:16) and will not fail to comply to His own word. God will intervene in earth’s affairs upon invention through prayer. Because this dream was repeated thrice (Genesis 41:32) it will happen sooner than we think if we do nothing! God’s children must get on their knees in each nation on earth to intercede. We must be the gateway through which the God of Heaven, The Almighty, will pass to enter earth and work a mighty deliverance (Genesis 28:17)!

****Please spread this warning****