About Esther Sekiziyivu


Esther Sekiziyivu;
General Overseer, PCIM
Esther Sekiziyivu graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree, is a Writer, a Professional Business Management Expert, a Human Resources Professional, a Minister of the gospel of God’s Kingdom with a Honorary Doctor of Divinity Certificate and a Pastoral Counselor Certificate.

Before starting a writing career, Esther spent 17 years as a Human resource Professional, 2 years as a business law teacher and 4 years as a certified Business Management Expert helping a community of people to start small businesses in Uganda. She is a resource in the PCIM Marriage School.

Esther now oversees a network of churches in Paradise Church International Ministries. She enjoys writing, reading, teaching, singing, watching Christian movies and helping people in areas of emotional healing.

She has delivered insightful religious speeches in Uganda, Europe & USA, and participated at professional conferences in East Africa, Europe & USA.