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In our preparation for the coming closing of the age of God’s Grace, PCIM has embarked on preaching and teaching the message most pertinent to our Lord Jesus Christ “The Gospel of God’s Kingdom” Mathew 24:14

Lesson 1: What is the Kingdom of God?

According to Witness Lee in his book ”The Kingdom”, The entire universe, time & space, physical & spiritual spheres, physical & spiritual beings as well as all creation is God’s Kingdom. God’s Kingdom are all places of His dominion as it’s revealed in Psalms 103:22, Mathew 25:32, Revelation 20:7-15. Therefore, nonbelievers and believers are within places of God’s dominion. Suffice it to say that The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is the One True God, is ruler of the seen and unseen beings and worlds. He is Owner of all that He created.

Although some beings revolted against God’s Kingship over them, this doesn’t exclude them from being within places of His dominion! That’s why while on earth, The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth had authority over devils to cast them out! See this! Why did demons beg Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to not cast them into the abyss before their time? (Mathew 8:29 & Mark 5:7) It’s because Christ Jesus is owner of all His creation and has authority over what he created! Do you see that! This is awesome! When we come under the government of our Lord Jesus Christ, we submit to His rulership becoming citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven! (John 3:5). We are no longer aliens within God’s Kingdom but citizens in His Kingdom with rights to appropriate kingdom benefits! Are you a citizen in God’s Kingdom or an alien within His Kingdom? Food for thought!

Our quest at PCIM is to awaken masses regarding the reality of “God’s Kingdom” (Mathew 24:14). Last month, we explored the nature of God’s kingdom as being places of God’s dominion in the seen and unseen worlds. Today, we shall explore the concept of The Kingdom of the Heavens that exits within The Kingdom of God.

Lesson 2: What is the Kingdom of the Heavens?
According to Witness Lee in his book” The Kingdom” The spiritual paradigm in a person’s soul, born of God, is the seat of the Kingdom of The Heavens (Mathew 5-7, John 14:23). When asked about the coming of the Kingdom of God (Luke 17:21), The Lord Jesus answered that the Kingdom of God doesn’t come in a physical way or careful observation but is within a person. I believe, The Lord Jesus was saying that The Kingdom of God is the Spirit of God. Once God’s Spirit enters and settles in a persons’ spirit, then, The Kingdom of God has come. At this point, God gets ground to begin the administration of His Kingdom in that person and, through that person, advance His Kingdom on earth. But this is just the beginning of the process of the coming of God’s Kingdom!

Once God who is a Spirit, comes into a person’s spirit, the reality of the Kingdom of the Heavens is slowly released into the soul. The Kingdom of the Heavens is the culture, values and norms of the Kingdom of God or a sphere where God has influence. Every country on earth has a distinct culture, values and norms. Similarly, The Kingdom of God has a supervisor culture, norms and values called The Kingdom of the Heavens. For example, The Lord Jesus admonished us to live a life that exceeds the righteousness of religious pretenders and hypocrites (Mathew 5:20). But as men, we cannot possibly live a superior lifestyle unless we possess The Life that empowers us to live that kind of superior life demanded of us (Mathew 5:48, 1 Peter 1:16).

The woman at the well, religious leaders and lawyers (John 4:18, John 8:3, Luke 11:37-54) lived lifestyles natural to mankind. The human life within them empowered the practice of adultery, corruption, extortion, greed etc. And many of us have experienced similar forces at work within us! The good news is that The Life of God (Christ The Lord |Mathew 3:16) whom we receive, empowers us to live a holy and righteous lifestyle according to God’s standard! How awesome is this? This is the reality of victory over the world!

In this lesson we shall proceed to explore the reality of living in God’s Kingdom right now on earth and the dynamics of this kingdom (Mathew 5-7). Last month, we discussed the presence of God’s culture on earth as the Kingdom of the Heavens. Today, we shall begin to peel off layer by layer to understand the concept of the reality of The Kingdom of the Heavens.

Lesson 3: What is the measure of God’s life in you?
Watchman Nee in his book ”The Overcoming Life” explains the mystery of Human life. In the beginning God breathed His life into man. Man became a living being. The breath of God in man is the single factor that determines man’s existence on planet earth. Have you ever asked yourself why man’s physical life dropped from 1000 years down to an average of 70 years? I would like to propose that Initially God created man immortal (Genesis 1:26)! In the process of time; Adam rebelled against God and from that point God’s Life was withdrawn from man’s tripartite being.

The genealogy of Adam’s family (Genesis 5) is an open window revealing the residue of God’s Life with man. Methuselah lived 969 years and died; 31 years shy of the 1000-mark time of life!  Enoch lived 365 years and never died! The scripture states he was taken by God himself!  How come God took Enoch and not Methuselah? Scripture states Enoch walked with God 365 years of his lifetime. I would like to submit that Enoch was full of God! God is life and as such, He had filled Enoch with Himself. Every moment of Enoch’s breath pulled and ingested God into his being. Enoch’s relationship with God increased the measure of God’s Life in him. The measure of God’s Life in Enoch made it impossible for Enoch to die! Enoch had the secret to true life and utilized it to the utmost! But what is the secret of this life? Life that lasts forever, Life that swallow’s death! Life that makes a man immortal!

The secret to this life daily eating & drinking! The Lord Jesus admonished us in (Revelation 21:6) to drink water from the fountain of the water of Life and eat fruit (Revelation 2:7) from the tree of Life. This fountain of the water of life and the Tree of Life is The Word of God (John 6:63) who is God and Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:13). To eat and drink God is to receive God into our being in the same way we eat a cheeseburger and drink orange juice. As we ingest God, the measure of His Life sprouts and grows inside us. God becomes the element constituting our spirit life, soul life and physical life. 

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