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Overcoming Emotional Pain in a Divorce Crisis

Overcoming Emotional Pain in a Divorce Crisis Many marriage are suffering shipwreck and dissolution because of human inclination to natural death. The absence of personal knowledge and understanding of marriage fundamentals has created casualties in the marriage institution. Many have experienced violent storms in their marriages resulting in emotional pain, broken hearts and families. Overcoming Emotional Pain in a Divorce Crisis discusses the beauty of marriage, challenges experienced in a marriage, how to conquer emotional trauma through out the divorce experience and enjoying life after a divorce. What you will learn; 1. How to choose the right partner 2. How to elevate your spouse and marriage relationship above conflicts 3. How to identify cracks in a marriage 4. How to apply life principles that win through hard times in marriage, and 5. How to apply principles that will help you live whole again after a divorce

Overcoming the Guilt & Shame of Abortion

Overcoming the Guilt & Shame of Abortion is a classic revelation of covert battles in the heavens between two Kingdoms. Hidden spiritual battles we can’t perceive without God who is the Spirit. The Evil One is an Anaconda Python snake in the sea of humanity swallowing destinies by Abortion. It stings humanity with thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness ending in death. It’s two weapons of guilt & shame plunges its victims into depression and the oppression of self-condemnation. This book’s message is a revelation of humanity’s rebellion against God. It’s a testimony of invisible battles formed against us from the world of the spirit. Battles planned by evil powers to cripple, decapitate and terminate our lives and destinies. It’s a witness of life-destroying tactics of the Evil One. It’s proof of God’s redeeming and restoration power triumphing over destruction and death. It’s a message awakening everyone to the reality of raging spiritual battles existing in the Heavens for the control of mankind. What you will learn; 1. How real the spirit world is 2. How to regain joy stolen from our lives 3. How life is more powerful than death 4. How heaven is fighting battles in the world of the spirit for our sake 5. How to be delivered from the voices of guild and shame
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