Intercession Ministry

A Personal Testimony on Intercessory Ministry:
On one hand, the past five years have been challenging, daunting and truly a season of financial & material leanness. On the other hand, this period has been one of working my spiritual muscles, focus and tenacity in the pursuit of intimacy with The Lord God Almighty whose name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My deep connectedness to God has opened spiritual realms enabling me to see the present, what is coming and predicting future events.

One of my memorable supernatural encounters with God was in 2015 when Mr. Trump announced his candidacy for president. Two weeks before the 2016 elections; God showed me how Mr. Trump had been selected by the Heavenly Counsel to be President. In the vision, I was campaigning for the president from household to household asking people to vote for Mr. Trump. While campaigning for our President in the spirit world, I informed Mrs. Hilary Clinton that she would not be our next president because God had not chosen her for that office. In the morning I informed my entire household how Mr. Trump was the next United States President. God is faithful! His word always returns to Him with fruit. It was a landslide victory!

Recently, The Lord God showed me a fierce battle being fought on my behalf in the spirit world. I had not been experiencing social-economic progress and success. My book publishing ministry was not producing fruit, employment was not in areas of my expertise and my businesses were not breaking even! But after The Lord God Almighty-Captain of the Hosts of Heaven was finished, all enemies of my destiny had been slain without any escaping! That was the moment I started seeing openings of quality employment opportunities, businesses coming to life and my books increasing in sales volume!

It dawned on me how much we humans need to recognize the existence of the controlling world of the spirit. I call this world the command center for earthly operations. Ignorance of what is happening in the spirit world regarding our situations and circumstances is what confines us in poverty, depression, despair, anxiety, failure and eventually death. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. My connectedness to God who is Spirit gives me access into the unseen world to collect information pertaining any situation. We then experience real time victories in our social-economic lives! This is how our intercessory ministry was born and linking this to my purpose on earth which is to help people find and enjoy The Life to the utmost!  

Enable our partners to prosper and have good success in their individual, family, business and community social-economic activities by releasing The government of God, The Love of God and The Justice of God into situations and circumstances to obtain supernatural outcomes.


To become a one-on-one social-economic intervention channel through which we serve our partners by helping them navigate spiritual climates affecting & impeding individual, family, business and community prosperity. We seek to promote happiness, confidence, peace and continuous spiritual prayer support that collects real-time spiritual information to overcome troubles, problems, fears, doubts and failure through supernatural spiritual intelligence from God’s government.


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